The documentation is still very rudimentary and far from final. Further content is being worked on regularly. For specific questions that are not answered here, please visit the discussion forum.

One Endpoint. All your tasks.

With dœcentral [døːsɛntrəl] you're able to fetch all your tasks from several task management apps and calendars. Learn more at dœcentral.com.
Get the full picture of your daily tasks and events with just one API call. Your private tasks from Todoist, your customer project tasks from Trello, your company events from Google Calendar or what ever. You name it. Just get all the today tasks combined in one API.
This allows you to integrate your today tasks in your favorite application, a rough overview in a simple UI, a detailed list in a daily mail or whatever you can imagine.
Everything you can imagine is possible. Be creative!
You'll find all available connections and integrations on the website or with the public endpoints in this API.
Even if the special character in the domain looks like spam it‘s intended, trust me. If you like to learn more, please check out the FAQ.
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